I recently listened to an interview of Tawfique Chowdhury. These are my notes.

If you’re not planning your life, someone else will plan it for you… friends, parents, school, boss. The education system that we know of today does not teach you that.

Succeed at everything you put your mind to.

To some extent things do fall into place without any planning on your part… Divine Will, so to speak.

Everything revolves around worship of Allah and being a mercy to mankind.

Seek the counsel of wise people.

Don’t get focused with means (which major, which job, etc). Focus on the main goal, the worship of Allah and the continuation of the mission of the Prophet… pursue the vision of the Prophet.

Wrong way of setting goals > time based (in x months/years, I will accomplish…)

Goal setting: seek an ultimate vision for what you want to accomplish before your death. Imagine what you want the world to become from your actions.

Find your purpose: everybody will be held responsible for the purpose they were created.

Some were meant to be poor in certain things and excel in other things.

You become unstoppable when you find your purpose.

You need to find your purpose for the situation and circumstances your were placed in.

Part of developing your vision is trying different things and seeking counsel.

What is your purpose of existence here and now until the day you die? The question is very frightening and emotionally draining, but absolutely necessary.

Example: A lack of a plan for good health is a plan for bad health.

Managing resources = delegating work through inspiration and motivation. Some people will not act even if you paid them large sums of money.

Task management not time management.

Task management: priorities. yearly > monthly  > weekly > daily.

Time management is only useful if you have tasks prioritized.

Be versatile, mobile. Pick up your bag and let it be your office.

Use technology to your benefit (productivity = output).

Do what you love and money will follow.

Don’t manage money. Manage your priorities and money will follow it.

Managing people: (the 5th discipline) leadership is 98% communication. Inspire. Be careful of what you say and how you say it.

Take your family with you: quality of time is not the same thing as quantity of time.

The vision you have will require that you spend time away from your family. Let your family share your vision with you, and then compensate them for the time you sepnd away from them.

Be competitive with studious people: beat the benchmarks.

Steadfastness and consistency (deliberate practice ) achieves greatness.

Take role models for specific areas (manners, knowledge, family, business, etc).

Mentors have reached a level of excellence to take the mentee to a new level of excellence: parents.

To be productive, you need to clarify your purpose and find the area in which you are most productive. Figure out the why, then work out the what.

Discover your purpose and the distractions will go away.

Recite your purpose to yourself everyday. Make your choices and decisions based upon it.