i haven’t been on here in while. it seems like everything was going quiet. but the truth is, things have just changed.

that aside, i’ve been trying a few things out to boost my productivity and effectiveness, but at the same time keep things as minimal/simple as possible. over the past few months i’ve been keeping my personal organization system in text files. you know, the “.txt” files that open quickly on any computer and are fully searchable, even when you don’t have the file open. yeah, those.

currently i have four txt files that i update on an almost daily basis: a to-do list, a work log, a class log, and a 30 day goals record.

my to-do list txt file is setup similar to the way TeuxDeux has their website setup. the only difference is that i only add my to-do’s to “today” or “sometime soon (/someday)”.

– one thing i need to do
X one thing i completed
– another thing i need to do

Sometime soon:
– one thing i’ll do, probably not today

if there is a to-do item that doesn’t fit under “today” or “sometime soon”, then it doesn’t belong on my to-do list. if it’s a routine activity, then it definitely does not belong on my to-do list. so what goes on my to-do list? one-time things that i don’t want to forget to do or am probably going to (severely) procrastinate if i don’t have it in my face.

my work log was started to keep track of everything that i complete at work. that way, when i update my resume, i don’t need to scourge my mind in trying to remember all the little details of my accomplishments. (note: in business, the majority of work is quite mundane and repetitive. you have to count every little thing to see the big accomplishments that accumulate in the long-run.)

Yesterday’s Date
– (project name)  what i completed, doesn’t matter how big or small it was. this is what i completed.

Today’s Date
– (project name) what i completed today.

my class log is setup similar to my work log. the only difference is that, instead of a project name, i put a class name.

probably the most interesting of my txt files, and the one that i started the most recently, is my 30_Day_Trials.txt. this is where i put my monthly goals. everything from “call mom everyday” to “start work by 6am everyday” to “stretch every single day” are listed here.

–this is my goal for the next 30 days
start date – end date

–this is another goal that i have for the next 30 days
start date – end date

–this is a 30 day goal that i’ll do sometime in the future

–this is another goal i’ll do sometime in the future

the above is the basic setup of the file. the point of this file is to keep track of daily habit formation. this goes back to the concept that habits form with daily practice in roughly 30 days.