i was with one of my favorite teachers yesterday. he’s awesome. he’s always smiling even when he saying something serious, and that only causes his audience to pay more attention to what he is saying.

he was giving a lecture on the approach to life from the perspective of successful leaders. it was an amazing session. one thing that really stuck out for me was the way successful people learn.

think about this: learn as if you are going to teach what you learn.

for all the lectures that people sit through in school, in meetings, in conferences, and in seminars… instead of sitting there wondering when the lecture is going to be over, how boring the lecture is, or how exciting the lecture is and how good the speaker is… focus on whether you would be able to present the lecture with the same content as soon as the lecture is over.

another point is that whenever we attend lectures or classes or seminars willingly or unwillingly, 99% of the time we expect to be entertained. yet, less than 10% of the time the presenter is focused on entertaining, either partially or completely. but, when you are focused on learning for the purpose of teaching, it doesn’t matter how the lecture or seminar is being presented; you’ll only be focused on what is being presented.