the past week has been very hectic and cluttered with menial tasks… very de-motivating. i have much to get done this month.

steps to make the change to work more effectively:

  1. list the goals that need to be achieved
  2. break them up into manageable portions to be completed in a 2hr period max
  3. assign challenge levels (1-5) to each portion (how much of your energy will that portion take?)
  4. assign priority levels (1-3) to each portion (which is more important to you?)
  5. list the portions first by priority, then by challenge
  6. day 1: test day- go down the list and accomplish as much as possible in one day
  7. record for test day: add up the points based on the challenge level for the portions accomplished and rate your energy level (1-10). then, guesstimate how many challenge points you can accomplish the next day, and list your portions for the next day based on priority level to add up to your estimated challenge points. repeat for day 2!